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Brad Strahota & Crew from Wisconsin
First made the 6 hour trip to Nauvoo in 2000 with myself and 2 other players after reading about your golf club in our local newspaper. On April 8th.2005 we will converge on Nauvoo with 48 golfers coming from all over Wisconsin, Minnesota & now Indiana. Every year the group gets bigger. I have many players that return with me year after year to enjoy your hospitality. I especially cherish the reunion that I share each year with my three sons. (They still canít beat dadís score) The drive up the Great River Road from Keokuk to the golf course each day is not only picturesque but also very relaxing and seems to set the mood for the challenges that lie ahead at GRRGC. Start cooking brats, pork chops and hamburgers. Wouldnít be a bad idea to also get the Bloody Mary mix ready. As always, canít wait to spend a great weekend with you and your great crew.

Hal, Bubba, Chuck and Jack from Edgerton, WI
This will mark our 4th year that we have been to GRRGC. The first year, 2 of us got there before the other two on the first day. As we talked to them on the cell phone and Steve was trying to explain to the other two that they were taking the wrong way and laughing the whole time, Steve made us feel at home (free drinks) and learned we had done something to the other guys hotel room. Taht treat can be seen at the course and has many stories behind it. Steve and Holly and the rest of the people at GRRGC are fantastic. The package you get is unbelievable and the course literally unforgetable. The top nine makes you feel good about your game and the nine in the valley makes you feel good that you came. It's like you are not even in the same place. We have now started to go in the fall too. I hope more people will start coming back the first part of October. It's beautiful and just the right vacation before fall. Thanks for the special times Steve!!

Marv from Wrenshall, MN
Hi to all who might read this from 4 golfers in and around Wrenshall, Minnesota. We have been going to visit Steve for 7 or 8 years now. It is really great, a one time phone call to Steve and he sets up your entire golf vacation for you. He is knowledgeable of the area and can answer any questions and point you in any direction for after golf experiences. He has a great golf course, is very accommodating, and does his utmost to work with you. We golf up to 54 holes a day on a course that has some easy holes and some that can be vexing. He has some great grilled lunches at the course. We have already made our reservations for this year and will continue to do so as long as us old duffers can make the 10 hour drive to get there.

Corky from Oshkosh
Karla and I love to start off our golfing season at The Great River Road Golf Club.This season will be our 5th and we hope to bring more friends with us this time. Steve and the staff are awesome folks and bend over backwards to make each golf outing a special experience. The golf course is always in great shape and WE LOVE IT...

Ron from Minneapolis, MN
We have been coming to the Great River Road Golf Club for 6 years with a group of 14 to 20 guys. Steve and his staff work their butts off trying to make our golf the best it can be. From the course, to the ease in setting up dates and tee times, to the reasonable pricing, this is the best place to golf and have a great time. I would highly recommend calling Steve today and setting up a golf outing, it's the only call you'll have to make.


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